Day 11 – The Lenten Journey of Sid



Today was a sick day. I didn’t do much all day. Needed to get my rest. Figured I might as well get caught up on Community. Such a funny show. Yet, also very real. Community can be fun but it can also be messy. We are all complex human beings. It’s so much easier to put everyone in the good and evil category. Sometimes, I wish it was that simple. We are all just a ball of hurt walking around, hoping that things will eventually work out sometimes. It’s just a reminder that I need to be nicer to others because I have no idea what they have gone through/are going through. I wasn’t able to go to church today (yah, I go to church on a Saturday… and a Sunday one too! lolz) But, found out that my pastor apparently made a reference to me. I sent him my paper and he talked about it from the pulpit. That’s pretty kewl!

Join me on this journey.

Day 8 – The Lenten Journey of Sid


I just want to start by saying a big THANK YOU! to all my new followers. Honestly, I am super grateful that you have decided to follow me. My goal has always been for this website to be a safe, virtual place where people can learn from each other and share great ideas that can change the world. I would love to connect with you so don’t be shy and leave a comment! =)

Today I had dinner and watched Pitch Perfect with my friend, Steph. Man, I love that movie! I think this is my fourth or fifth time watching it. It’s sooo funny! Afterwards, somehow we got talking about church and community. I was just sharing how a lot of times, I have often felt community outside of church than in it. I felt community in my online community group (shout out to #usguys) as they saw and accepted me and acknowledged my giftings. I felt community in North Africa as my Muslim friends invited me over their house and shared meals with me. As we talked about it, it’s so hard to define what makes something feel like a community. Sometimes, it just seems so nebulous. Yet, it is something that you’ll know when you feel it. That’s the thing though, you can’t say if you satisfy premise a, b, and c, then you will achieve “community” status. It’s not static. It’s a dynamic, organic thing. Right now, I’m going to a church that I really like. I like the people. I like the pastor. I think the congregation is great. I interact with the people in the church. I chat with the pastor. But even then, I still feel like an outsider. It’s not that the church isn’t welcoming, it definitely is. People there are friendly. But do I feel like I’m a part of it, I would probably say no. Maybe, the concept of community can’t be defined, but only felt. I just find it sad that I never feel it among the people who are supposed to be the very embodiment of it. It’s not their fault. It’s not mine. Sometimes, it just is.

Join me on this journey.