And now the end is near…

This Easter Sunday, my fasting from meat and social media will finally be over. It has been a challenging experience, to say the least. As much as I am looking forward to it, I must say that it was a really good experience. I think the reason why I like fasting from different things in my life is because somehow I need to prove to myself that I can live without all the things that I think are “necessary”. I didn’t die from not being connected to social media 24/7. I didn’t die from not eating meat. Sure, it was inconvenient at times, but it was not as dire as I thought it would be. It’s amazing how “normal” things can be even if I wasn’t on FB and Twitter every second. I didn’t really feel like I super missed out on things. And I’m sure that my battery life also lasted longer because I wasn’t using my data all the time lolz.

Life goes on. The things that we thought we could NEVER live without isn’t as true as we thought it would be. We move on. We discover a new normal. We discover a new way of going through the journey. I really needed to remember that and remind myself of that. Not everything is all good or all bad. At times,  I find myself constantly trying to straddle that middle ground between idealism and pessimism. My boss called me to let me know that the store I’m currently employed at will be closing by the end of the month. The next day, I got a call saying I got accepted in the Ph.D. program. And that’s life. Sometimes you’re on an incredible low, and then the next, on an incredible high. It’s important not to lose sight out of the bigger picture. However, I know it’s really easy to get stuck looking at the individual pixels, which by themselves mean nothing, but when seen from afar, you start seeing the pattern of an image. You can get stuck just looking at the finest detail and miss out on the fact that you’re looking at a gorgeous picture.

Fasting during this Lenten season reminds me that each thread leads to a great pattern. Each thread weaves itself into the grander picture. I need to stop examining each thread as if it would yield answers all by itself. Each thread will only mean something when seen properly. And it can only be seen properly when we see the pattern through heaven’s eyes.

and scene…

Day 4 – The Lenten Journey of Sid

After work today, I went to a family friend’s 50th birthday party. It was a great time of celebration and eating. This was my first Filipino party since my meat fast and I must admit that I was worried. I wasn’t sure if I was able to eat any of the food that they had prepared. Filipino parties usually include lots and lots of meat dishes which I usually enjoy. Usually. Today, I was really worried I was going to go hungry at a party. Thankfully, there were dishes that did not involve meat. Yay!!! Salmon is my best friend! Yummy!

After eating, there were lots and lots of singing. That’s what I love so much about the Filipino culture. Music plays such a huge part of our culture. And everyone can sing along to all the famous tunes. Well almost everyone. I guess it depends on which decade the song belongs to 😉 It was a great evening of fun, food, and fellowship.

Join me on this journey.