Day 4 – The Lenten Journey of Sid

After work today, I went to a family friend’s 50th birthday party. It was a great time of celebration and eating. This was my first Filipino party since my meat fast and I must admit that I was worried. I wasn’t sure if I was able to eat any of the food that they had prepared. Filipino parties usually include lots and lots of meat dishes which I usually enjoy. Usually. Today, I was really worried I was going to go hungry at a party. Thankfully, there were dishes that did not involve meat. Yay!!! Salmon is my best friend! Yummy!

After eating, there were lots and lots of singing. That’s what I love so much about the Filipino culture. Music plays such a huge part of our culture. And everyone can sing along to all the famous tunes. Well almost everyone. I guess it depends on which decade the song belongs to 😉 It was a great evening of fun, food, and fellowship.

Join me on this journey.


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