Wednesday Writings – Jan. 2, 2013

Hi everyone! Today marks the first Wednesday Writings post for 2013! I really want to thank yall for taking the time to read what I have to say. WordPress tells me that since I started this website in September, I have received 1600 views from people in 19 countries! Wow! So humbled and so excited that this website has been able to reach so many people.  My hope and goal for this website is to create a space where ideas and discussions flourish. Thank you for liking, sharing, and engaging with me either here on this website or you can join the discussion on Facebook. I hope that 2013 will bring about more participation and interaction with yall!

I wanted to start the New Year with a bang so I decided to ask my friend Rose-Ingrid Gracia to be my first guest blogger. Rose is a multi-talented artist who sings, writes, does spoken word and is just all around awesome. She’s currently in the process of releasing an album this summer and I am eagerly awaiting to get my copy signed! If you want to get in touch with her, follow her on Twitter and like her Facebook page to get up-to-date info about her album release.

Without further do, here it is.



Something is wrong here.
Something just ain’t right.
Something is wrong here.
Do you hear our plight?

As I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Could ya throw in an i5,
Louis V and a fly ride?

Oh and I was wondering, God,
If you’re still awake
Could you find the time to send me a mate?

He don’t have to be perfect,
But I’d prefer him tall.
I can’t have midget children after all!

It don’t have to be immediate,
I know I’m supposed to wait a minute.
But might I remind You of my 5 year plan?
I ain’t getting any younger. You heard my grams!

I could also use a new pair of shoes.
Preferably TOMS;
Gotta pay my dues in this dying world.

And since You’re the God of my blessing,
I know you can’t refuse.
Don’t worry God I prayed, read my verse, and paid my tithe.
You know I’m all in on this covenant ride.

I’m just saying hey before I lay my head.
Praying this shout out will give me a li’l heavenly cred.

Something is wrong here,
Something just ain’t right.
Something is wrong here,
Do we know our plight?

Dear God, I don’t know if this will work but I’ve run out of options.
Mommy’s gone and daddy’s a monster.
I really wish we could be a family again.
I wish we could all sing and laugh and be friends.

Can you help me? God!
If you’re really out there?
Momma says you are,
But that ain’t seem to help her thus far.
None of my friends have to cry as they lay their heads.
They all seem to live aite
With out kneeling at their beds.

At night, the world just seems so much darker.
Hope seems so much farther.
I don’t know how much more I can take,
So God PLEASE be my escape.

If you’re real send me an answer,
Cause this battle’s giving me an ulcer.
I know somewhere deep down in my pit

Something is wrong here,
Something just ain’t right.
Something is wrong here,
Would you please hear my plight?

It gets a little harder with every day I hide.
Every time I smile, I am becoming more of a lie.
I know you’re real I just can’t rationalize
My reality with the life I’m living anymore.

I’m so tired of hiding behind walls,
Creeping around in the night,
I feel like a whore.
The worst part is that people are beginning to know;
It’s not my little secret anymore.

I have found pleasure in the company of men
Joined myself together to an immoral end
They say You can help me
But I don’t know anymore
I have fallen so far
Become such a fraud
I can’t even hear your voice any more!

Can you still love a man as broken as this?
Is there room at God’s table,
For this fallen prince?

Something is wrong here
Something just ain’t right
Something is wrong here
Can you see past my night?

When did it get so cold?
It seems like yesterday summer winds blew so bold
You could taste the salt in the air
Blowing off the ocean as we danced

Such a pair
We were one
So in love

Turns out I’m dumb
I didn’t know this could happen
“Forever” left me undone

All at once
Why did no one warn me?
Before it began

2 months. 3 weeks. 2 days. 5 hours.
I ran
Those digits will haunt my memory till I expire
Forever reliving these memories so dire

I wonder,
If he was handsome.
She could have been tall.
I wonder if they’ll know I loved them all the while.

Cold metal like a gun
Inserted into the mouth of life itself
Reached into my body and snuffed it out
Snatching my breath away

No longer the same I walk around lame
Deaf, dumb, blind and numb
To all that I’ve ever known
I will never have her hand to hold!
Never kiss his cheek goodnight
Oh God! I’m a murderer!
Can you see my plight?

Been washing these hands for days and days                                                   Dressed like a Lady in my guilt and my shame                                                         No one knows                                                                                                      Just like I’ll never know her name

Something is wrong here
Something just ain’t right
Something is wrong here
Can you redeem a life?

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