Encouragement of the Day

“Christianity began not as a religion, but as a way of life shaped by the gospel. The pattern of that way is the loving service of Jesus, consummated in his self-giving on the cross. Paul made it clear that Christian worship is our own self-giving in similar service, enabled by the Spirit who dwells within us.” – Canon Hugh Wybrew

2 thoughts on “Encouragement of the Day

  1. So true. Even back then, they didn’t get call themselves Christians, but they followed The Way. It really is a way of life, a way of living others around you, of service, and caring for people; a way of not being consumed with oneself, a way of putting other’s needs first, that’s the way of Christ. What a challenge it is to follow the way in our current culture. Everything tells us to follow our own heart, to put our needs first, to love ourselves etc!! When people truly follow the way, what a supernatural impact they will have on those around them! We need His Spirit to lead us!! Thank you for your post Sid!

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