Wednesday Writings

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of adding a new component to this blog entitled “Wednesday Writings.” Basically, this is a time for me to post some of the writings I have written (and potentially the writings of other people!). So to start it off, I wanted to share a poem I wrote a long time ago. This is a part of the “Song of Sid” chronicles. Based on the title, it’s obvious that this is heavily inspired by the Song of Solomon. However, instead of writing about lovey dovey stuff, it is poetry based on different life events. As I mentioned in my “About Me” section, there are different facets to who I am and the arts play a huge part of who God has made me to be. So, to inaugurate this new blog component, here’s my poem.


Song of Sid I

O, to throw off this mortal coil that binds me
The shell of humanity that seemingly binds me to this world and all its lascivious desires and perversions
Wanting to throw off this mortal husk, to glory in the presence of the Almighty
Alas, it is not yet time.

Each day, a battle is waged against the heavenlies, and the battleground is I
The destructive thoughts that silently and surreptitiously stalk my higher faculties
I am weakened, weary, wishing, wistful, waiting
Quietly, I bide my time.

Thoughts of You fill my mind, my heart, my soul, my very being
The streets of gold, the crystal sea, the angels singing haunts me
But all I have right now are trials, temptations, refining me till I am as gold
All things are made beautiful in Your time.

Why, O Lord, must I stay in this earthly prison?
How long shall I wait till I am free of these vanities that engulf me?
When shall I come out pure and holy, completely surrendered to Thee?
Thou, Who setteth everything in Your books, Why did You form me in my mother’s womb?
What purpose must I serve, what purpose must I fulfill, that I may flee this shell that binds me here?
Surely Thou knowest how I long, how I yearn to be in Thy presence.
Yet, I am shackled to this existence, a stranger in a hostile land.

Revulsion and disgust fills me, to live in such a wicked and depraved generation
The longer I stay in its destructive atmosphere, the more I am infected
I must wage war constantly, unyieldingly, with utmost vigilance
I might yet be disqualified before my time.

So, I remain in this state of despair
For this is my lot
To remain alive in the land of mortal men
Angrily, I bide my time.

O, to throw off this mortal coil that binds me
With gladness of heart, would I leave it behind
But thanks be to God that He gives me strength
To accomplish His will in His time.

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