The importance of justice

There’s a lot of injustice that happens in our world. We only have to turn on the TV, read the newspaper, or walk down a street in the “bad part” of the neighbourhood to see it. The world is not fair. Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. And some are not even considered people! In the midst of the oppressive reality that our world confronts us with, sometimes it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by it all. And, like most people who live in an affluent society like ours, I am reduced to numbing myself and being desensitized to the ravages of war, the outcries of the oppressed, and the increasing deaths brought about by unjust leaders and morally corrupt ideologies. How else can I function unless I shut down their cries?

In the book of Genesis, we get to read about the first murder in the Bible. Cain, the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, gets really mad at his younger brother, Abel. Perhaps, this isn’t new. We often see siblings fight. However, Cain takes it to a whole new level. His anger gets him so riled up that he kills his brother. After this happens, God has a little chit-chat with him and asks, “where’s your brother?” And like most murderers, he feigns ignorance and asks “am I my brother’s keeper?” At this point, God says something that sends shivers down my spine. He says that “your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground.”

The sad part is that a lot of the times I choose not to hear the blood cries. Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to learn more about IJM (International Justice Mission). They are a group whose focus is to help end injustice in the world. They have been a huge resource against human trafficking in countries like India, Cambodia and the Philippines. As they talked about what they were doing in these various countries, they also provided us with the means to help their cause. At one point, we even broke up into groups to brainstorm different ways that we can help promote “doing justice” in our daily lives. It was both informative, refreshing, engaging, and empowering.

When I think of justice, I think of Malala Yousufzai – the young girl who saw the world she was living in and said this is not the way things should be. The young girl who used her voice to promote education and peace. She eagerly and fervently worked to change the broken system. She wanted justice to be restored where fear and terror prevailed. Through her words and deeds, she fearlessly showed the world what was truly happening in Pakistan. Such boldness forced many in the Western world to the ugly truth of what was truly happening. This young girl’s voice that called for justice in a broken world – that called for girls to have equal rights to education – was a loud voice in the desert. And like many justice workers, her oppressors sought to silence her cry for justice to be done, with a shot to the head. Right now, she is in a hospital recovering from this horrific attack.

We do not have the luxury of being numb and desensitized to the cries of the oppressed. I truly hope and pray that we, as members of the human race, would come together and say no to injustice, wherever it is happening. With your unique skill sets and talents, use it to help bring justice to your community, your country, and your world. One person can make a difference. Together, we can make a difference. Let us all be bringers of justice in a land so full of injustice.

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4 thoughts on “The importance of justice

  1. “We do not have the luxury of being numb and desensitized to the cries of the oppressed.”
    You are right. We can close our eyes and ears to everything happening around us but when it’s our turn – and it eventually will be – we’ll have to face it alone while others turn a deaf ear and a blind eye.
    This is not the world I want to leave for my children, but what am i doing to change that?

    Thanks for the thought provoking post, Sid.

    1. Rabab,

      You are welcome!

      And that, my friend, is a very hard question to answer. The response definitely involves a lot of soul-searching. I trust and believe that someone like you will be an agent of change and that you will leave a world for your children that is way better than what we have right now =)

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