This is my first re-blog. Which is big for me. Only because I want to make sure that the messaging is right… especially if I’m going to put it on my blog too! Aaron’s blog post is basically what I have been thinking of/experiencing for awhile now (except I would’ve gone to Orthodox instead of RC). Beautifully written and lots of points to ponder.

Theology In Process

A few years ago I went through an internal crisis: I wrestled with the idea of becoming Roman Catholic.  (I’m not sure if I’d call this a fad, but I know that my experience is not out of the ordinary.)  I was taking a theology class at Regent College in Vancouver with Hans Boersma.  Hans attended a Reformed church but had immersed himself in the writings and thought of traditions outside of his own.  He had us reading all sorts of great stuff written by the Fathers and Orthodox and Catholic theologians.  At the same time I was taking a church history course at ACTS Seminary with Bruce Guenther.  As providence would have it, it seemed that each week’s class at each respective school overlapped.  For example, while reading St. Basil’s works on the Holy Spirit with Hans at Regent I’d be discussing St. Basil’s life with Bruce at ACTS. …

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