Day 4 – The Lenten Journey of Sid

After work today, I went to a family friend’s 50th birthday party. It was a great time of celebration and eating. This was my first Filipino party since my meat fast and I must admit that I was worried. I wasn’t sure if I was able to eat any of the food that they had prepared. Filipino parties usually include lots and lots of meat dishes which I usually enjoy. Usually. Today, I was really worried I was going to go hungry at a party. Thankfully, there were dishes that did not involve meat. Yay!!! Salmon is my best friend! Yummy!

After eating, there were lots and lots of singing. That’s what I love so much about the Filipino culture. Music plays such a huge part of our culture. And everyone can sing along to all the famous tunes. Well almost everyone. I guess it depends on which decade the song belongs to 😉 It was a great evening of fun, food, and fellowship.

Join me on this journey.


Wednesday Writings – Jan. 16, 2013

Today’s Wednesday Writings is going to be a little bit different from the past posts. What’s so different about it, you ask? The words that I will be posting is accompanied by music. That’s right. I’m sharing a song that I wrote to you guys. I’ll be posting the lyrics and if you want to listen to it, just scroll down to the bottom. Hope you like it!

I never would have done this if it wasn’t for a special friend of mine who encouraged me to record it. She definitely made me sound way better than I truly am. Thanks Renee! If you would like to listen to her work, click here and listen! You will not be disappointed!

Lyrics: Sid Sudiacal
Melody: Sid Sudiacal
Vocal Producer: Renee Robinson
Music Producer: Slantize
Vocals: Sid Sudiacal
Backing Vocals: Renee Robinson




Verse 1

Sitting here alone and upset, thinking about the mess of a past that still haunts me

Wondering what I can do, my status is so confused, happy I’ll never be

Why am I so unchanging? It seems I never learn anything that You teach me

Lord I deserve to burn


With a whisper You say You love me

You’ll never let me go

With Your blood You came to free me

My sins are made no more

Verse 2:

The waves are crashing down, my world’s falling apart

I hurt Your heart again

The guilt I feel condemns, it leaves me feeling dead

Wishing my life to end

Why am I so unfaithful? I fall for every trick

Apologies for my actions, I ask You please forgive


I’m standing here, eyes full of tears, can’t eat, drink, think, nor sleep

If I’m not with You

I’m utterly destroyed and grieved, in this life find no relief

If ever I lost You

But You know me, feeble and weak, give me the strength that I need

Help me to follow you

Theme song of my life!

So my dear friend @GraceDefined ( posted this video and I absolutely love it! Of course, I am biassed since I love her and she dedicates a song to me which also happens to be the theme song of my life. So go check it out!